Deepoon Kankan V2Y 3D VR For Gaming

With Virtual reality in the game now, a lot of manufactures have entered the competition with their VR headsets. As you know we have pledged you to bring to you the latest and most affordable VR Headset from around the market right to your news feed. ‘This week’s VR pick’ we have the Deepoon Kankan V2Y for exclusively gaming purposes. To sweeten the deal we have added a coupon with it, read on to know more

The Deepoon Kankan V2Y VR headset is made up of ABS material. It has an adjustable interpupilary distance and object distance.The VR headset is aimed at ultimate comfort of the user. The focal length setting allowing those with myopia to enjoy the 3D virtual world clearly. V2Y VR has a flexible and adjustable head band. It comes in bright white, lime green and orange colors.

The VR Headset gives you an immersive 360 degree viewing experience, it brings you an excellent experience as your private 3D theater, enjoy movies anywhere anytime. It is compatible with any 5.0 – 6.0 inch smartphone. It has 60 – 65 degree FOV, which will virtually simulate a large screen for you. Although 1080P and above resolution videos are advised for best VR experience. Also as any VR headset should, it supports IPD and focal length adjustment, fits for different people. The lens used in this VR are the E48 PMMA lens as they are Grind lens they provide high light transmittance and is not susceptible for any chromatic abberation.

The Deepoon Kankan V2Y VR headset also has design features like air vents for heat dissipation so that you can enjoy your VR content for longer times without any hiccup.

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